New concept of shared ownership set to ‘take off’ across the Middle East

Fancy a trip in your own private Airbus jet?

New concept of shared ownership set to ‘take off’ across the Middle East 

Dubai based private jet broker and management company, Lehmann Jet, is now proposing a new concept of Airbus Corporate Jet (ACJ) shared ownership to business people in the Middle East, as well as a new line of exclusive ACJ management services. Their concept of shared ownership allows access to a large-cabined aircraft, making Lehmann Jet the only company in the Gulf region to offer access to a brand new Airbus ACJ318 for the price of a much smaller Falcon or Gulfstream jet.

By sharing the costs of the aircraft and management fees, customers can greatly reduce aircraft ownership expenses. This means they can now fly a very large cabined aircraft for the cost of running much smaller jets. As the first offer of its kind in the Middle East, Lehmann Jet company is promoting their new Airbus ACJ318 (launched in November 2014) at the cost of a much smaller aircraft as part of this shared ownership program.

“We are the only company in the Middle East to provide shared ownership for new and pre-owned ACJs”, says Benjamin Lehmann, founder and CEO of Lehmann Jet. “This brand new offering is really unique, allowing clients to share the costs of running an ACJ. According to our experience, the aircraft can easily be used by two large families without having to compromise on travel plans, thereby offering a truly comfortable experience. With our program, the price of access to a brand new ACJ318 – which launches in November 2014 – can effectively be halved”.

With a brand new Elite+ cabin, the new ACJ318 claims to be one of the most desirable and comfortable aircraft available in the Middle East. It has capacity for 19 guests and is designed for long range travel.

Besides their exclusive shared ownership program, Lehmann Jet is also announcing a new range of services for the Airbus ACJ, exclusive to the Middle East market, which includes:

exceptional aircraft sales offers

cabin design with the most famous European designers

cabin completion

exclusive aircraft management

aircraft chartering services.

Lehmann Jet is starting private operations for ACJ owners in January 2015. These operations will provide efficient ACJ management, offering maximum return for owners. ACJ charter flight services will begin in June 2015.

“Our clients’ full satisfaction is our first priority, which is why we are not just chartering aircraft, we are building the full flying experience for our customers, making sure they enjoy every minute of their flight. We can fulfill all special requests for onboard dining and entertainment, and one of our representatives will be onboard to guarantee the highest standards of service, ensuring passenger safety and making sure flights arrive on schedule”.

About Lehmann Jet

Lehmann Jet was founded in 1999 as a European-based charter services provider. The company has since expanded it services to include aircraft sales and purchasing, as well as aircraft management. Lehmann focuses on the Airbus ACJ line of aircraft and works exclusively with the most distinguished and discerning clients from Europe, Russia and the Middle East.

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