“Palestine in the Heart”

“Palestine in the Heart”

A campaign to raise donations at both local and international levels, mainly targeting relief efforts in Gaza in addition to the West Bank, and East Jerusalem in response to humanitarian appeals.

Together we donate… together we rebuild

Bank of Palestine Group (Bank of Palestine, Arab Islamic Bank, Palpaly, and Al-Wasata) is launching a campaign entitled “Palestine in the Heart” to raise donations  at home and abroad, in support of humanitarian relief and recovery efforts in Gaza, West Bank and East Jerusalem. Proceeds from the campaign will go to support relief and humanitarian assistance by national and international relief agencies targeting the Palestinian people.

We are aiming to amass financial contributions that will be deposited in the “Palestine in the heart”  bank account mobilizing resources to assist children and families who were displaced from their destroyed homes, and provide basic humanitarian needs such as food assistance, medical supplies, hygiene kits, fresh water and other needs. We are responding to humanitarian relief and recovery appeals by our campaign Partners: UNRWATaawon and Global Communities, all are organizations immersed in humanitarian relief efforts in Palestine.

Because of our values and corporate social responsibility commitment to our community we are launching this campaign. In addition to donating from our own resources we are leveraging all our networks in the diaspora, our media channels and tools, our electronic and online channels  in support of this humanitarian campaign.

We encourage all our customers, shareholders, local and international organizations, private sector companies, and Palestinian diaspora communities around the world to join the Bank in supporting the most vulnerable and affected Palestinians. It is time to collectively support the Palestinian people in order to help the process of healing and rebuilding.

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