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As another year begins, we should try to remain focused on the real cause of our nations, which should be “the well being of each and every citizen”. However, not all of us might feel that this is really on the agenda of our leaders.  To achieve this, and to ensure that every citizen feels secure, I feel there should be a decent level of governance, rule of law, education for all (not just the rich), access to food and potable water, access to healthcare, dignity and personal freedom.

Many Middle Eastern and Arab countries are rich in natural resources, and can surely provide not only for the decent wellbeing of citizens, but rather much more… unfortunately, this is not always the case. This region is a valuable source of many basic raw materials, much sought after by the rest of the world. Oil, petroleum, gasoline, basalt, marble … and not forgetting gold, which we feature in our article about the golden sands of Egypt.

Our region’s cultural heritage attracts millions of tourists each year, even in times of turmoil, people make their pilgrimages or can’t deny themselves that long awaited for summer holiday. I recently visited Casablanca in Morocco; such a charming city, full of culture, as are many other cities in the region, but it is especially distinguished by the warmth and generosity of its people – Arabic hospitality at its best.

In this issue, you must have guessed by our cover, that we will visit Morocco together and discuss its plans for the tourism sector and the artisanal wonder that is the oriental door. We also take a look at skyscrapers, intra-regional trade, Serbian- and US-MENA affairs, plans to rescue the Dead Sea, corruption and how an idea can become an internet success.

I do hope the start of 2014 has been a happy one, and wish you all the very best for the coming year.

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