Poixel releases a Market Analysis Research on the Beauty & Personal Care in Kuwait

Poixel releases a Market Analysis Research on the Beauty & Personal Care in Kuwait

Sharq, Kuwait: Today, the pandemic continues to prove to be a game-changer for many beauty and personal care-related businesses in Kuwait. As Kuwaitis embrace the new normal, the demand for online shopping increases. The comprehensive market analysis conducted by Poixel last February 2021 focused on the beauty and personal care industry which showed that consumer buying behavior has drastically changed during the Covid-19 pandemic.

The online survey with 420 participants in Kuwait highlights several trends and data that explained further the growth value in the beauty and personal care market. For example, one fact showed that out of 99.2% females, 82% from that survey bought beauty and personal care products through online channels, such as mobile applications and websites.

According to Poixel, competitive standards were set high by buying consumers in Kuwait. Beauty and care brands have to meet the demands of online customers instantly. They have to shift many in-store promotions to user-friendly online channel campaigns that can be considered efficient and give customer satisfaction. With new businesses emerging, the need to understand how to compete in the online space is paramount. As a solution, many top beauty and care brands in Kuwait were analyzed and compared in the study. The in-field interviews with brands like The Body Shop, Bath & Body Works, Sephora, Boots, and NYX had given in-depth intelligence about consumer purchasing behavior, product preferences, market threats, and opportunities.

According to the market analysis of Poixel, Kuwait has 721,600 potential consumers in the beauty and personal care sector. Effective collaborative digital channel campaigns have become crucial to the customer’s buying journey as they have enough buying power to influence pricing and shift from brand to brand over time. The estimated growth annually in this sector is 3%, with an average of 47 million KWD in value by 2025. Since the expected online purchases seem promising and steady, there is no room for miscalculated brand positioning and investing in the wrong market at the wrong time.

The data report shows that the success of the online shops is a matrix of campaign strategy and positive experience. As a result, 70% of Kuwaiti consumers bought products after being advertised by an influencer. Therefore, it is seen that online promotions vary, whether it is promoted through video vlogs, press releases, article mentions, influencer marketing, and website. Other contributing criteria considered when purchasing online are product quality, brand recall, price, and the online user experience.

In Poixel, it suggested that the movement of the “try-out” feature online has become popular. Brands like iHerb were one of the pioneers to add this feature for a limited time. It seamlessly connected the in-store experience through online shopping. Thus, creating the omnichannel experience.

In summary, Poixel’s Comprehensive Market Analysis of the Beauty and Personal Care Industry in Kuwait offers valuable insights, direction, and understanding. As the Kuwaitis adapt to new stages of the Covid-19 pandemic and enter the hybrid lifestyle, the online business sector can boom. A report like this benefits those who wish to invest or become part of this industry. Moreover, it is a credible must-have data as it is the perfect foundation for a start-up’s road to success.

Source: The comprehensive market analysis conducted by Poixel last February 2021, which focused on the beauty and personal care industry in Kuwait.

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