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ShipTech Middle East 2014 Conference

ShipTech Middle East 2014 Conference


The Address Hotel, Dubai Mall, Dubai, UAE

New and innovative technologies for energy efficient solutions to the challenges faced by shipowners and operators

7th Annual ME ShipTech 2014 conference is designed to explore and identify the take away strategies for the Middle East and how the region can best apply technology to maximise energy efficiency, fuel economy and safety in shipping.

MEShipTech brings international excellence in marine innovation delivered by ship owners for ship owners in the region including technologies about to reach commercial availability. At the ME Ship Tech 2014 you will find out the latest trends (what will be available in the near future) and the understanding of the maritime dynamics (which technologies will be needed).

Join the forum to hear directly from the IMO and US Coast Guard on impact of implementation of Ballast Water regulation next year and guidance on the growing array of systems that can be deployed to achieve the discharge requirements of the D-2 standard.

Key Topics:

  • New rules and regulations
  • How to become more economically efficient
  • Performance improvement of your fleet – improve fuel reduction
  • Practical and easy ways to implement new systems i.e. energy management
  • Eco-ship designs debate: reduced fuel consumption and maximum energy efficiency


Join ME ShipTech 2014 to:

  • Engage in dialogue with the IMO and US Coast Guard to understand how to comply with imminent ballast water regulation implementation
  • Understand how to retrofit effectively to drive revenue and compete with new competitors in the Middle East
  • Gain guidance on exhaust gas treatment systems technology selection to comply with Sox 2015 requirements and avoid sanction and penalties
  • Discuss the advances in design of two stroke fuel engines in order to prepare your fleet to drive present and future profitability
  • Understand how to implement shipping KPIs to enable produce commercially significant results that will drive productivity

Registration details:

E: register-mea@informa.com

T: +971 4 335 2437

W: http://www.meshiptech.com/Site-Root/Register/

Event Keywords:Shipping technology, Ship innovation, LNG as alternative fuel, Bunker Fuel, Fuel quality, EEDI, SEEMP, Energy Efficiency, Marine Communications, Ballast water management, Ballast water retrofit, Scrubber technology, Green ship, Vessel design, Operational efficiency, Fuel cells, Emission Abatement technology, ECAs, Sox, NoX, Co2 reduction, Energy Management, Tanker safety, Optimised hull formation, Air cavity trials, RORO (Roll on / Roll off), Carry wheeled cargo, LOLO (Lift on / Lift off), Uses a crane to load and unload the cargo, P&I clubs charge, P&I, Protection & Indemnity, DSU Insurance, FD&D, Freight, Demurrage &Defence, K&R Insurance, Kidnap & Ransom, IIMS, International Institute of Marine Surveying, NAMS Global, National Association of Marine Surveyors, SAMS, Society of Accredited Marine Surveyors, IAMSA, International Association of Marine Surveyors & Auditors

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