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Strategic Business Roundtable and Investment Retreat, “Greece and the Middle East”

For Immediate Release

Athens, Greece— August 12st, 2014Introducing Leaders, a strategic business initiative that brings together global leaders, visionaries and shapers of the business world is pleased to announce that it is organizing a Strategic Business Roundtable and Investment Retreat, “Greece and the Middle East” on October 16th -17th at the Amanzoe Resort, Porto Heli, Greece.

This exclusive business event will bring together Chairmen, CEOs, investors and entrepreneurs from top Greek and Middle Eastern companies to meet, discuss and discover unique opportunities for business, investment and collaboration at a time when Greek – Middle Eastern business relations are growing in importance. Participants will be senior executives from companies in the finance, tourism, real-estate development, energy and investment sectors.

The event will take place at the luxurious Amanzoe resort located on a private hilltop overlooking the Greek Riviera. The two days of debate and networking will be hosted by Dolphin Capital Investors and organized by Introducing Leaders in cooperation with the Middle East Business News and Magazine. Amal Masri – CEO and Founder of the Middle East Business News and Magazine will moderate the event.

This event is by private invitation only.

For more information contact Desy Karapchanska, Zdenka Rezacova 

desy@introducing-leaders.co.uk, Roundtable@introducing-leaders.co.uk
About Dolphin Capital Investors:

Founded in 2004 by Miltos Kambourides and Pierre Charalambides, Dolphin Capital Partners (DCP) is an independent private equity firm specializing in land and real estate investments in South-East Europe, the Caribbean and Latin America. Since 2005, DCP has raised in excess of €1.5 billion in equity capital. Its flagship investment vehicle is Dolphin Capital Investors (DCI) a leading global investor in the residential resort sector in emerging markets.
For more information, www.dolphinci.com
About Middle East Business News and Magazine:

The Middle East Business News and Magazine is part of Ougarit Group for Marketing. Middle East Business
provides quality information about business dynamics and pertinent economic and socio-economic issues,highlights investments prospects, analyses business trends and connects private sector players in the Middle East region with other countries around the globe.

For more information, www.middle-east.com

About Introducing Leaders:

Introducing Leaders is a strategic business initiative that brings together global leaders, visionaries and shapers of the business world today in order to engage in cross-sector discussions and deliver a platform for economic growth, sustainability and industry innovation. Introducing Leaders publishes in-depth features into the findings of the roundtables and meetings through its media and associated partners.
For more information, www.introducing-leaders.co.uk
For interview requests or additional information, Desy Karapchanska, Desy@introducing-leaders.co.uk.





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