The 7th International Conference of Union of Arab Statisticians

The 7th International Conference of Union of Arab Statisticians

The Union of Arab Statisticians announces the organization of its Seventh International Scientific Conference in cooperation with the Palestinian Central Bureau of Statistics (PCBS) in the State of Palestine under the auspices of the H.E. the Prime Minister during 07-09/07/2020, under the slogan “Activating Statistical Studies in the Arab World towards Achieving the Strategic Development Goals”. The first session of the conference would be an official opening session and will be followed by a panel discussion session on the experiences of the Arab countries in implementing sustainable development goals. The conference will consist of four main themes, each of which will be divided into six sub-themes, and will be covered throughout the conference.

The Union of Arab Statisticians and the Palestinian Central Bureau of Statistics cordially invite all regional and international organizations, Arab statistical offices, Arab universities, researchers, statisticians, policy makers and development programs to provide moral/technical support to the conference through the participation of statisticians, specialists, and university academicians with scientific research studies. In addition to circulating the conference’s announcements and its themes as well as the participation form for the staff of the Arab and International National Statistical Offices and Arab and International universities, decision-makers and related institutions. Stressing the commitment of the Conference to add the logo of the participating and supporting agencies on all conference’s literature and documents.

The full research studies, whether in Arabic or English and printed electronically on MS.WORD using Times New Roman, font size (12), one column, maximum 20 pages should be submitted by 12/12/2019, in addition to submitting a summary in Arabic and English to the Conference Scientific Committee through the below email addresses, where it would be evaluated and arbitrated scientifically as a prerequisite for acceptance and for the purpose of presentation and publication in the conference volume. The Union of Arab Statisticians in coordination with one of the donors that expressed its willingness to help in securing needed funds to cover some of their traveling and participation expenses (first author only). On the margins of the conference there would be certain visit tours to different historical places.

Conference Themes:

First Theme: the role of statistics in achieving the goals of sustainable development 2030

  1. The key elements of understanding sustainable development and the impact of statistics on it in the Arab world.
  2. The goals, objectives and indicators of sustainable development and their achievement and the role of statistics in the Arab world.
  3. Employing creativity and innovation in supporting the implementation of sustainable development goals in the Arab world.
  4. Training, capacity-building and exchanging expertise in achieving sustainable development goals in the Arab world.
  5. The role of statistical studies in monitoring and implementing the of sustainable development goals in the Arab world.
  6. The impact of Arab statistical institutions in coordination and provision of data and indicators of sustainable development.

Second Theme: the role of statistics in securing future requirements of the society

  1. Statistical comparisons of how to protect the planet Earth to meet the needs of present and future generations.
  2. Statistical indicators on equality, combating poverty, food security, education and human rights.
  3. Statistical indicators in building comprehensive economic prosperity and preserving the environment in the transition to clean energy.
  4. Statistical analysis in achieving equality, peace, conflict mitigation and building prosperous societies.
  5. The statistical impact in building the system of Arab and international partnership, solidarity and cooperation enhancement between the nations.
  6. The role of statistical institutions in supporting, developing and providing health care towards at healthy community.

Third Theme: statistics, technology and digital society

  1. The impact of statistical studies on the adaptation of ICTs for the benefit of the community.
  2. Statistical studies in building and developing good governance and its role in the development of societies.
  3. The role of statistical institutions in working transparently in digital societies.
  4. Adaptation and transfer of technology by adjusting future statistical forecasts and avoiding crises.
  5. Building the digital community in the access to reliable data accurately and efficiently and its statistical analysis.
  6. Transforming into the digital government towards building efficient statistical institutions.

Fourth Theme: the role of statistics in the advancement of Arab society

  1. Statistics in the adaptation of modern techniques in the development of statistics in different aspects of life.
  2. Statistics and its role in establishing and consolidating security policies and reducing crises in the Arab world.
  3. The role of statistics in the development of community development plans in order to reduce the migration of Arab minds.
  4. The impact and role of statistics in activating and adapting the building of economic and financial policies to promote the Arab society.
  5. Statistics in the development of future plans for the building of the citizen based on knowledge and technology.
  6. The role of statistics in establishing advanced foundations for the advancement of education in the Arab world.

Terms for submitting research papers

  • The research paper should be original and unpublished in other conferences or journals, and should be in line with the aforementioned themes.
  • Upon acceptance of the research paper, the researcher who is a member of the Union and has paid his/her contributions will pay only (USD 100) and non-members will pay (USD 200). The full contributions will be paid directly to the Union’s Bank Account below.
  • Travelling to the State of Palestine will be through King Hussein Bridge in Jordan. Researchers will be received and welcomed in Jordan and they will move to Palestine through tour buses, noting that entry stamps will be put on a list of participants without stamping their passports.
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