“The ‘Disemployment’ Impact of the 2014 Conflict in Gaza”

“The ‘Disemployment’ Impact of the 2014 Conflict in Gaza”

The Israeli military operation during last summer’s conflict in Gaza resulted in hefty job losses in the Palestinian enclave’s private and non-governmental sector through the destruction of workplaces and productive assets, increasing already critical unemployment and poverty rates, a new International Labour Organization study has found.The study, “The ‘Disemployment’ Impact of the 2014 Conflict in Gaza: An ILO Damage Assessment and Recovery Strategy,” will be released Tuesday March 24. It assesses how the Israeli military operation during the latest Gaza conflict in July-August last year caused widespread “disemployment” in the Palestinian territory’s private sector through the destruction of land, structures, capital equipment and tools.

As billions of dollars in pledged funds to rebuild Gaza remain on hold, the new report highlights the urgent need to implement the Gaza recovery process with a long-term developmental vision for the Palestinian territory.

The study will be accompanied by a press release, media brief, and short accounts from a number of Palestinians in the private and non-governmental sector in Gaza who lost their livelihoods in the conflict.

These accounts will include text, photographic and video elements.

For media inquiries and to arrange interviews, please contact:

Communication and Public Information Unit, ILO Regional Office for Arab States, email:, Tel: +961 71505958

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