Three trends driving demand for Cloud in 2018

Three trends driving demand for Cloud in 2018

Middle East businesses looking for Cloud solutions in 2018 will be driven by Cyber security, flexible solutions and value added support

Businesses in the Middle East that invest in Cloud capabilities in 2018 will select their Cloud partner based on cyber security, flexible payments and value added services such as round-the-clock support, according to leading IT solutions provider and systems integrator, STME.

In order to keep up with the rapid evolution of IT systems for business, owners of Small and Medium sized Enterprises (SMEs), as well as leaders at large corporations, are placing greater diligence on the long term effectiveness of systems, rather than the immediate capabilities.

Ayman Al Bayaa, CEO, STME, explained: “At STME, we believe that 2018 will be defined by the added services a supplier can bring to their customers, such as consultancy and training.

“The Cloud has become an essential tool for business and our customers naturally want the most secure and reliable Cloud connections and services, but they also want the expert support only a trusted and experienced solution provider can offer.  STME offers 24×7 support and Managed Services, as well as customer training to maximise productivity and minimise downtime.”

STME’s top three trends for Cloud computing in 2018 are:

Cyber security

Few CIOs enjoy risk and it is the ability to offer comprehensive, proven and scalable security that will give solutions providers an advantage in 2018. Cloud services should provide virtualization, standardization, automation, self-service access and resource monitoring. Complementing the security suite, STME’s portfolio of services and products also includes backup and recovery, disaster recovery and business continuity to safeguard operational capabilities should the worst happen.

Flexible solutions

Because every business is as unique as the people who run it, STME offers two services catalogues – one for standard requirements and one for advanced, so clients can select the option that suits their needs, rather than adapting to what is prescribed. Standard services include professional, managed and enterprise support, which include implementation and migration support. Advanced services include data management assessment services, data security services and consultation services.

Value Added Support

STME’s full support model is a holistic and collaborative approach, inclusive of 24×7 support, 365 days a year, dedicated call centre for customers, case management system, automated call tracking and reporting and a target response time of 15 minutes. STME offers a single point of accountability to enhance efficiency and reduce complexity with support onsite and remotely.

Al Bayaa added: “At STME we understand the pressure businesses are under to maintain peak operational performance and that is why our solutions and systems are adapted to prioritise up-time no matter what.”

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