WORLD BREATHING DAY, APRIL 11, 2020 – Hit the Pause Button and BREATHE!!

Breathing in the time of COVID-19 – We are now well-rooted in the new decade and there is no denying that it has brought with it challenges the likes of which we never thought we would ever experience. The entire world is on lockdown as a pandemic sweeps through our communities, leaving in its wake anxiety, confusion, uncertainty, fear and in some cases death.

More than ever, the world needs to hit the pause button and just BREATHE!!!

It’s safe to breathe!

On April 11th, the International Breathwork Foundation (IBF) and its global affiliates will be celebrating the 16th annual World Breathing Day, a global event that invites us to experience, and celebrate the healing and unifying power of breath, and to remember that it’s safe to breathe!

During times of crises, conscious breathing has been proven to support people in maintaining physical, mental and emotional balance, and as a result, enhancing health and preventing trauma.

On April 11th, you will learn to use your Breath to:

  • Increase immunity and strength;
  • Reduce fear and anxiety;
  • Feel connected with your Self, with others and with Earth;
  • Get healthier even if confined athome;
  • Heighten your ability to relax and quiet your mind;
  • Learn about the power of your breath

Join us:

  • World Breathing Day 2020offers for the first time an interactive and experiential, 24-hour, FREE online international event via Facebook Live and Zoom (see access details below). During this event, you will be guided through many highly effective exercises and methods of breathwork by qualified, prominent and experienced breathwork practitioners using evidence-based breathing techniques.
  • Individuals can check on the World Breathing Day website (see below) for virtual events in their language and time-zone.
  • Connect with the world in the World Breathing Room on, a beautiful online spacethat enables you to breathe synchronously with people from around the globe.
  • If you have the possibility go outside or open your window and breathe. Celebrate the air getting cleaner as a result of humanity on pause.Breathe for the Earth, breathe for Life.

“Breath reduces stress, and if we reduce stress we strengthen the immune system” says Veronique Batter, past president of the IBF and present Chair of the World Breathing Day. “Breath is life! Let’s breathe for all those who are fighting for their breath right now.”

Some of the benefits of conscious breathing:

  • Increased immunity
  • Stress management
  • Trauma prevention and trauma release
  • Improved focus
  • Better self-regulation and management of hyper-activity
  • Positive impact on physical, mental, emotional and spiritual well-being

“By breathing consciously we are creating a stance to avoid future trauma” adds Rabia Hayek, co-founder and visionary of Do As One and Omnibreath. “Be responsible but don’t be scared of the air.”

This year’s World Breathing Day theme, “BREATHE”, further reminds us that we all have unlimited and free access to this simple, natural, potent tool that heals our bodies, calms our nerves, de-stresses our minds, and creates emotional stability.

“In these times of chaos and confusion, when we don’t know where else to turn, the Breath is always there” says Marie-Therese Maurice, Founder of One Minute for Earth. “When we engage with it consciously, it quickly and easily guides us to a place of grounding, peace, connection and healing.”

On April 11th, let’s celebrate that we are alivebecause we BREATHE!

For further information go to:www.worldbreathingday.earthor contact IBF

To participate in the free 24-hour online World Breathing Day event, sign up at:

To find avirtual event happening in your language and community, go to:

Post photos and videos of yourself, your friends and/or your event on Instagram and Twitter using the hashtags: #WorldBreathingDay #BreatheWBD

Please share! The more of us who consciously breathe together, the more we contribute to a better, healthier world.

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