How can machine learning help the businesses achieve competitive edge?

How can machine learning help the businesses achieve competitive edge?

Machine learning is an innovative technology that is still in its initial stage but it has already started offering a number of benefits to the businesses across the globe. In fact many progressive businesses have already integrated Machine Learning in their daily operations and have started achieving positive results in terms of productivity and cost efficiency. In this blog we will talk about the specific use cases where the Machine Learning can add vital value to the businesses and allow them to acquire competitive excellence in the market:

Sales Optimization

Sales and marketing are the key points of any business that determine its long term viability. With the help of machine learning, the businesses can efficiently automate the communication with clients and targeted audience and personalize it to align perfectly with their persona.

  • The machines can help in meeting the sales goals faster by utilizing multi-aspect data analysis capabilities
  • It reduces the stress of marketing staff without compromising on communication efficiency
  • The ML can also offer smart sales prediction and forecasting capabilities that allow businesses to plan better and more realistic strategies.
  • ECommerce can use it for better sales and marketing operations and planning price variation for competitive excellence.

Customer Service

Customer service plays a vital role in determining the stability of a business and its reputation in the industry. It is also the department that records a number of negative instances as many customers generally call customer service regarding the poor quality of products or services or registering an unsatisfactory instance. Dealing with many complaining and angry customers on a daily basis is a challenging task and can eventually affect the quality and productivity of support staff. With the help of VA and chatbots, a number of such instances can efficiently be resolved without taxing your support staff.

  • It prevents the support staff from unnecessary stress and allows them to enjoy their job
  • Based on the quick analytical capabilities the VA and chatbots can offer more accurate solutions during technical issues
  • All the repetitive and general queries can be outsourced to virtual assistants while the support staff can concentrate fully on resolving only more specific and complex issues
  • The virtual assistants or chatbots can also be trained to divert the queries to support staff if they are not able to resolve the same on their own.


Security is extremely important for any businesses irrespective of its size and profile. Every business has a huge asset of mission-critical data pertaining to their clients, business operations, projects in the pipeline and Revenue details. Hackers and cyber attackers use smart techniques to steal such data. Likewise, the staff can also misuse such data for their vested interests.

  • With the help of its predictive capabilities, ML can proactively perceive the suspicious activities or malware/discrepancies even during early stages and help businesses take the action before it is too late.


Machine Learning is a new age technology that allows the machines to use the available data and instances for enhancing its functionality over a period of time. It has helped the businesses to automate a number of tasks that were earlier done by the human staff. In this blog we have discussed the various instances where the Machine Learning is already helping the businesses to enhance their performance and enjoy better benefits.

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