Market Cap of Five Largest Gaming Companies Jumped by $20B YTD

Market Cap of Five Largest Gaming Companies Jumped by $20B YTD

After a challenging 2022 and their stock values falling to a seven-year low, 2023 is turning into a good year for video game publishers. Besides plenty of new video game releases scheduled for this year, the gaming companies have also seen their share prices significantly recover.

According to data presented by, the combined market cap of the top five gaming companies increased by almost $20bn year-to-date.

Roblox Market Cap Surged by 44% YTD, the Biggest Increase Among the Top Five Gaming Companies

Although still below their valuations during the first year of the COVID-19 pandemic, gaming companies are recovering from a challenging 2022, which brought complex workplace situations, delayed or canceled new releases, and considerable sales drop. So far, 2023 is stacked with major releases from the biggest video game companies in the world, causing their share prices to grow above the levels seen last year.

According to Ycharts data, the combined market cap of Activision Blizzard, Nintendo, Entertainment Arts, Roblox, and Take-Two Interactive, the world`s five largest gaming companies, amounted to $176.6bn in January. Now it`s more than $196bn.

Roblox has seen the biggest market cap growth year-to-date, despite its shares falling by 12% last week after the company announced it expects the average revenue per user to drop year over year. In January, the stock value of the California-based video game developer stood at around $17bn. Since then, it grew by a massive 44% reaching $24.6bn this week.

Take-Two Interactive follows Roblox with a 20% year-to-date market cap increase. Statistics show the stock value of the US video game publisher hit over $21bn this week, up from $17.5bn four months ago.

As the largest gaming company globally, Activision Blizzard witnessed an 11.8% market cap increase in this period, with the combined value of its shares going from $59.9bn in January to $67bn this week.

Nintendo`s Stock Value is Down by 0.8% YTD

While far below the growth rates of Roblox and Take-Two Interactive, Entertainment Arts has also seen a stock value increase this year. Over the past four months, the combined value of shares of the video game developer grew by 5%, rising from $33.7bn to $35.4bn.

On the other hand, Nintendo is the only gaming company among the top five whose market cap dropped in 2023. The Japanese entertainment giant lost $7bn in stock value after its earnings report in early February, falling from $50.4bn to $43.4.

Although this figure recovered to over $48bn in the past two months, it still represents an 0.8% drop compared to January, when Nintendo`s market cap amounted to $48.5bn.

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