Present a brief on the status of Palestinian people at the end of 2019

Dr. Awad Presents a Brief on Palestinians at the End of 2019 

H.E Dr. Ola Awad, Palestinian Central Bureau of Statistics (PCBS) President presents a brief on the status of Palestinian people at The end of 2019

More than 13 Million Palestinians in the world by the End of 2019

An increase in population of  Palestinians in the world

The projected number of  Palestinians in the world is 13.350 million, of whom 5.039 million are in State of Palestine, 1.597 million in 1948 Territory, 5.986 million in Arab countries and around 727 thousand in foreign countries.

More than one-third of  population reside in Gaza Strip

The projected number of Palestinians living in State of Palestine at the end of 2019 is 5.039 million: Around 3.020 million reside in the West Bank and 2.019 million in Gaza Strip. Palestinian refugees make up 42% of the Palestinian population in State of Palestine: 26% of them in the West Bank and 66% in Gaza Strip.

Decline in fertility rate

The total fertility rate declined during (2011-2013) to 4.1 births (compared to 5.9 births in 1999).  In Gaza Strip the rate was 4.5  births compared to 3.7  births in the West Bank during 2011-2013.

Decrease in average household size
The average household size in the State of  Palestine was 5.1 persons in 2017 (compared to 6.1 in 2000): 4.8 persons in the West Bank and 5.6 persons in Gaza Strip.

Decrease in crude birth and death rates

The crude birth rate is 30.2 births for every 1000 of population in the State of Palestine 2019: 27.7 in the West Bank compared to 34.0 in Gaza Strip. The crude death rate is 3.7 deaths for every 1000 of population in State of Palestine 2019: 3.9 in the West Bank compared to 3.5 in Gaza Strip.

High fertility rate among Palestinian women in Jordan compared Palestinian women in Syria and Lebanon

The total fertility rate for the Palestinian women living in Jordan was 3.3 births in 2010 compared to 2.5 in Syria in 2010 and 2.7 for the Palestinian women in Lebanon in 2017.

Selected Demographic Indicators by Country of Residence, Selected Years

Country of Residence Average Household Size Total Fertility Rate
Jordan 5.1** 3.3*
Syria * 4.1* 2.5**
Lebanon 4*** 2.7***


* Data represent for 2010

**Data represent for 2011

***Data represent for 2017

The Palestinian population in 1948 Territory is a young population

The number of Palestinians living in 1948 Territory is 1.597 million at the end of 2019, of whom the percentage of individuals under 15 years was about 32.8% for males and 31.8% for females, while the percentage of individuals 65 years and above was 4.4% for males and 5.3% for females at the end of 2018.

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