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Profile Jordan Chamber of Industry (JCI)


Jordan Chamber of Industry (JCI)


Established under the “Chambers of Industry Law no 10” in 2005, Jordan Chamber of Industry (JCI) is an independent corporate entity – both financially and administratively – with the aim of;
Participating in the formulation of general industrial policy
Positively influencing the growth and development of national industrial policy
Looking after the interests of all industrial and micro enterprises
Fostering cooperation amongst local chambers of industry
Seeking to nurture the capabilities of those chambers of industry and coordinate their efforts.
JCI acts as a national entity that embraces all chambers of industry in Jordan under one umbrella organisation. The Chamber represents the interests and promotes the full cooperation and coordination of local chambers of industry located in the governorates of the middle, east and north of the country, namely Amman Chamber of Industry, Zarqa Chamber of Industry, and Irbid Chamber of Industry.

Each chamber is represented on JCI’s board, in addition to representatives from the ten subsectors of the Jordanian industrial sector, and a representative of the micro-enterprise sector (MSME). The Chamber is entitled to represent the industrial sector at national and international forums, groups and organisations. JCI also works closely with the Government of Jordan and other business associations to address all relevant issues.
To become a model of excellence and distinctiveness, putting forward efforts to create a pioneering and well-developed industrial sector which is competent, attractive for investment, enjoys competitive privileges, and significantly contributes to enhance Jordan’s economic development.
To positively contribute to national industrial development, capitalising on its role in industrial policy-making through advocacy and sponsorship. It also looks after the interests of industrial enterprises and fosters productive cooperation between local chambers on the one hand, and Arab and international chambers of industry on the other. JCI aspires to assist the industrial sector by improving its competitive advantages and the value-added of its output through the better integration of technology in the production process and activities.


  • Excellence
  • Effective participation
  • Flexibility and the ability to adjust to all changes
  • Social responsibility
  • Giving priority assistance to industrial firms

JCI Serving a strategic sector

  • JCI is the umbrella organisation representing 18,000 industrial firms in the Kingdom
  • The industrial sector employs around 240,000 workers, the majority of whom are Jordanian
  • 25% of GDP is generated by the industrial sector
  • 94% of Jordanian exports come from the industrial sector

JCI Industrial Economic Research Centre
This centre provides industrial firms, government organisations and counterparts with all data and information about the industrial sector and its performance. The centre publishes research and reports on current industrial issues and position papers contributing to industrial and economic policy-making.

JCI Technical Support Centre
The centre addresses all technical issues related to industrial development in Jordan, and acts as a focal point between the chamber and its counterparts – locally, regionally and internationally – ensuring its representation at all levels and participation at relevant events.

JCI SME Technical Support Unit
In its quest to become more “member-oriented”, JCI has recently established this unit with the aim of providing value-added services to the majority of its members (SMEs) in three main focus areas: access to finance, access to markets, and advisory services.
Today the unit works to fulfill the following roles:

  • Advisory services for establishing SMEs
  • Business plans and feasibility studies
  • Capacity building for entrepreneurs
  • Supporting financial, production and innovation programs for SMEs
  • Participating in building a national database for SMEs
  • Building industrial clusters to enhance the level of competitiveness
  • Cooperate with International donors and institutions in the field of SMEs.

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