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Using social media to boost in-store sales [infographic]

Using social media to boost in-store sales [infographic]

The majority of businesses will have their social media profiles set up but not all of them will be using it effectively. This infographic from Colourfast looks at how businesses can make better use of their social media.

When you consider that 74% of people use social media to guide purchasing decisions, it really is naïve that businesses don’t use it properly. It’s not enough to have a page and post irregular updates as this won’t be appealing to customers. Social media can of course be great for brand awareness and even the biggest retailers use it to make people aware of what products are on offer.

One important note is that the personality of your social media should be reflected in-store as well. There is no point of having  an amazing social media presence if it’s going to lead to customers being disappointed by a less than good in-store experience. See the infographic for more information:

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