Technology sector stocks most profitable with 30% average ROI

Technology sector stocks most profitable with 30% average ROI

Data gathered by indicates that the technology sector stocks are most profitable with a 30.65%  return of investors. According to the data, this is the highest ROI in the last 12 months as of June 10, 2020.

Energy worst performing sector 

During the period under review, consumer cyclical stocks had an ROI of 18.89% followed by communication services stock at 15.55%. On the other hand, healthcare stocks had a 14.09% return of investment followed by basic materials at 2.46%. Utilities had the least ROI at 0.68%. Energy stocks were the worst-performing with an ROI of -30.14% with financial stocks coming distant with a return of -6.2%. The real estate had a return of -5.21% followed by industrials at -0.83%. Consumer defensive also had a negative return at -0.51%.’s research also reviewed the stocks’ average return of investment year to date. The tech sector had the highest average return of 10.94% followed by consumer cyclical at 7.7%.  Other stocks with positive returns include consumer services and healthcare at 3.25% and 2.09% respectively. The Energy stocks had the worst average return at -28.9% followed by financials at -14.33%. Other stocks with poor average returns include real estate (-9.67%), industrials (-8.6%), consumer defective (-6.96%), utilities(-5.92%) and basic materials (-5.83%).

Despite the recent drop in stock prices, some positive signs are beginning to emerge. According to the research report:

“Unlike before, stocks that would turn the market green are not doing so. However leading tech stocks and pharmaceuticals and consumer cyclical are taking charge. In such circumstances, it would be expected that financials and industrials would be leading the market into recovery.”

Moving forwards, most companies will require strategic plans for normal operations to resume.

The full story, statistics and information can be found here:

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